Hi and welcome. My name is Gene A. Smith, President and owner of Epex Soft Pretzels Co. My wife and I started our business in 1993 with the help of my father, Glenn A. Smith. He was the owner and operator of a well known soft pretzel business in York PA, which he bought from his father, Lester A. Smith, my grandfather, who was the founder of that well known soft pretzel shop. From an early age I was taught everything there is to know about soft pretzels. My father taught me that work comes first and how to make the best soft pretzel I could make. I worked many years under my fathers teaching until he felt I was ready to operate and own my own shop. So, he helped me open Epex Soft Pretzels Co. at Maple Village in York PA on Route 30, where I put his teachings to work.

I'm sorry to say he passed away in 2000, I miss him so very much. I remember when I was young how people and friends would ask me who I idolized or wanted to be like. Most of them would say different famous people, but they didn't understand when I would tell them if anyone it would be my father. I looked up to him and he was the only one I idolized, the only one I wanted to be like. He spent his life working hard at making the best soft pretzels and now I'm doing the same, just as I was taught and passing that knowledge onto my kids.